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Taylor Building Systems in Chickasha, OK, began 50 years ago on the premise of delivering quality products at competitive prices. We have rapidly grown—mostly by word of mouth—to become a leader in the metal building industry, providing state-of-the-art products with friendly, caring service.

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In addition to metal buildings, Taylor Building Systems is proud to offer a wide range of services, including specialized project fabrication, pipe and steel sales, fencing materials, and interior design. We proudly serve Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas; and can ship anywhere in the U.S. by common carrier.
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Four Generations of Industry Leaders

Taylor Building Systems was founded in 1969 by L.G. and Delores Taylor. L.G. was an established farmer and cattleman in the Grady County area. The steel business began with L.G. building the steel corrals for the Charlie Brown Auction Company in 1967. In 1968, L.G. began to expand his steel fencing business by building his own corrals for his feedlot operation at the current Taylor & Sons location. Other cattlemen saw what he was doing and wanted to use the same concept and expand their cattle sorting corrals so L.G. began to sell the fencing materials and install the fence projects. This growth led to the development of building gates and panels. His system, which incorporated cable and sucker-rod, became a new standard for the cattle industry in the Grady County area. It did not take long for this new style of fencing to be a part of several local cattle operations including the Dr. Ellis Ranch, the Wells Horse Ranch, the McNeff Dairy, the Windward Stud Horse Ranch, and the McMillan Ranch. He would soon have other local farmers coming to him and asking him to supply steel fencing materials along with the pipe for their fencing needs, and from there Taylor Building Systems came to be.

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L.G.’s son, Russell, took over the business in February of 1979. In May of 1979, Russell’s wife Nancy came on board with the Company and was involved with the sales of fencing accessories and UPS shipping of small parts. In 1981, Russell started to manufacture the pipe caps & clips with the help of Bradley Machine Shop. Gaylon Mitchusson and Don Mitchusson, the owners of Bradley Machine Shop, helped in the design of the equipment needed to manufacture the pipe caps and clips. Britt Hollingsworth was also a consultant who helped with the selection of the equipment needed for fabricating the pipe caps and clips. Russell and Nancy began to market the pipe caps and clips through the farm shows and agricultural magazines that would boost sales to continue the growth. They went as far as Tulare, California to market the pipe caps & clips to the Dairy and Feedlot Industries.

In June of 1998, Russell’s son, Scott, began working with the company. The following year, with the help of their first metal building software, Scott and Russell began to design and sell Bolt-up buildings. It was in this season that the company, in addition to being known as “Taylor & Sons Pipe and Steel”, adopted the trade name of “Taylor Building Systems”. Scott’s wife, Sharlyn, joined the family business in 2003 to help Russell and Nancy with the Company’s bookkeeping. In 2004, Taylor Building Systems completed the new office and showroom with an attached production building which housed the first trim folding machine. The first panel roll-forming machine for the “R” and “Ag” panel was added to a new structure in 2008. In 2010, that structure was expanded and the company added the Franklin Welding Line which would automate and speed up the welding process. More equipment was added in 2012 with the installation of the Franklin Flange Line. This new line, with the help of the material handling gantries, would speed up the fabrication processes even more. With the addition of the Bradbury Purlin Roll-former in 2014, Taylor & Sons had the ability to fabricate, in-house, the majority of the parts needed for Bolt-up metal buildings. There have been several building expansions and additional equipment purchases, providing the company with back-up equipment in place to promote future growth. Scott and Sharlyn’s daughter, Kelsey, joined the family business in 2018. Kelsey came with a degree in Interior Architecture and brought a new service to Taylor Building Systems: Interior Design. Kelsey has the ability to design interior floor and furniture plans, electrical/data and lighting plans. This allows Taylor Building Systems to not only design the exterior of a building but also the interior. Scott and Sharlyn’s son, Riley Taylor, is currently attending Oklahoma University and plans to join the business after graduation. Riley has spent at least eight summers working in several areas of the fabrication shops. When he returns, he will have a wide range of knowledge regarding how the fabrication processes work together to produce the products that make up the Bolt-up buildings.

The Taylor family would like to thank their past and current employees and extend special recognition to the loyal employees who have been with the company for more than 10 years: Ernesto Ramos, Daniel DeLeon, Caleb Combs, Gary Boisvert, Adam Reed, Denise DeLeon, Ronny Hightower, Jose Ortega, Modesto Ramirez, Artemio Avila-Lara, Jerry Read, Juan Ruiz and Eddie Moyer.

Taylor & Sons is always striving to grow the family business in order to provide a state of the art product and to provide the best service for our customers. Taylor & Sons has been in the steel business for four generations. The company began 50 years ago on the premise of delivering a quality product at competitive prices and has become a leader in the metal building industry. In addition to metal buildings, Taylor & Sons is proud to offer a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs, including, but not limited to specialized project fabrication, pipe and steel sales, fencing materials, and interior design.

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