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High-Quality Construction, Built by a Community

At Taylor & Sons Pipe & Steel in Chickasha, OK, we would not be where we are today without the help we received from community members, friends, and family over the last 50+ years. Our steel and metal fabrication services are brought to you by the skilled employees and business people who have been involved in our business.

Special Thanks To:


Noah Atchley

Noah Atchley of Ft. Cobb was one of the first men to be a part of fence building and shop manufacturing with our founder, L.G. Taylor. We will always be thankful for his time and training of young family members, and other employees who grew up in the business.

Ernesto Ramos

Ernesto Ramos came to work for Taylor & Sons in September of 1979. He worked with L.G on the cattle operation, and for Russell on the steel side of the business. He has devoted over 40 years of his time to our company. He dedicated himself to a variety of responsibilities as the business grew. Ernesto worked beside Terry Taylor and taught his youngest brother, Scott, the meaning of hard work. Ernie was instrumental in our early stages and has trained countless other employees. There are not enough words to describe how much he is treasured as a member of our family and our business.

Duke Taylor

Duke (T.L.) Taylor was also a part of the early fence-building days. Like other family members who worked for L.G., Duke had to meet very high standards. Other employees who were a huge part of the growth of our steel fencing services were Daniel Rankin and Janice Hughes.


Rita Estes

In 1999, Rita Estes (great niece to L.G.) came on board to develop delivery services for the company. Rita dedicated ten years to helping with delivery services and gave additional support with farm shows. Rita’s children, Jennifer, Jesse, and Jillian, spent time working with the Taylor & Sons from 2000 to 2005.

Terry Taylor

Terry, the oldest son of Russell and Nancy, took on the tasks of welding gates and panels in Walters, OK during his high school years. During and after college, he was involved in several expansion projects with feedlots and fencing in Amber, OK and Wynnewood, OK, in addition to projects for local ranchers and cattlemen. Terry quickly learned the skills becoming popular during the 1980’s for building agricultural buildings. It was then he took on the impossible task of training his younger brother, Scott! These years were special, as they taught the two brothers how to work together and plan ahead for success.
We are lucky to have been helped and taught by countless other friends, family, and community members. Please know we treasure your service and friendship.
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